09 mei

The way to permanent loyalty and growth is through the heart of your client. Only when you have an insight into his deepest wishes and desires and can offer what he’s asking for before he really has to ask for it, you’ll reach your destination. What kind of means of navigation you need for that, you’ll read in this blogpost.

What is the difference between the navigation system in your car and a human navigator? This might sound like the start of some cheesy riddle that’s got nothing to do with marketing. But the answers shows us the exact thing with wich many organisation struggle while growing using automation and big data. A navigation system brings you where you need to be using a preexisting route in a map, a human can discover new ways based on subtle clues that they find on the way. 

21 apr

The last few years we’ve seen a few storechains that were to late in recognising the importance of online shopping. A similair movement is emerging in the online retailerbranche. More and more Dutch consumers are less supspicious regarding foreign webshops. The coming few years cross-border spendings will rise. About time to set a futureproof route for your online business, before even your customers start crossing that border. In this blogpost you’ll discover the unmissable ingredient that can give you the edge you need. 

19 apr

V&D did not do well. Blokker did not do well. Coolblue did fantastic. And C&A finally starts to get how it is done. The storechain of 2021 wants to be a full omnichannel retailer, and to get there they’ve got more than a billion euros to get to that goal. A smart choice, because the store as we know it, will soon cease to exist. This change is going through different parts of the business landscape. Omnichannel business offers chances for innovative organisations that want to go onto to the goal of profit and growth. In this blogpost I will tell you how your organisation can take the first steps on your path to the future and to become a frontrunner in your branche.

16 mrt

During the coming years it will be harder and harder for organisations to get new customers on board. Growing churn rates and falling retention rates will keep adding pressure to revenue numbers. Is it possible to turn the tide? Yes. But to do so organisations have to let the focus on new business go and go for building long-term relationships with existing customers. Working together around the customers. In this blogpost you’ll read what four elements are vital for real customer centricity in your company.

16 mrt

The level of trust of Dutch consumers in the government, (social) media, NGO’s and business in general is at an all time low. Bad news for the SMEs? No. SMEs just have to work harder to convince their customers of their reliability. The organisations that do so distinguish themselves in a positive way from the masses. In this blogpost you’ll read how using your customerdata right will help you in the building and keeping of customertrust.


04 jan

The marketer of the future will use both sides of the brain to get the best result. They’re both creative and analytic, has knowledge of the facts and of the people and will think as well inside the box as outside of it. And they make a difference thanks to datadriven marketing automation. But where will you find someone like that? This blogpost will give you an answer to that question. Right on time, because the future starts in 2017.

Marketing automation and the marketer of the future


01 dec

The Mi8 Marketing Cloud solves four problems at once. In a blogseries of four episodes we’ll dive deeper into each one of these problems. Today episode 3: how Mi8 makes investing in expensive custom software for personalised marketingcampaigns unnecessary. Want to feel the power of custom marketing for your self? Ask for a personal demo right after you finish reading this.


01 dec

Marketing automation is the future, and you’re well aware of that. You know after all that leads, prospects and customers that aren’t being presented the right content on the right moment and via the right channel will leave you and go to the competition. The competition that brings them the right content in the right context. So you want to start working with marketing automation software, as soon as possible. Today the fourth and lest episode: Read on to find out how Mi8 will help you get rid of your marketing automation nightmare.

Mi8 Marketing Cloud solves four problems voor the SMEs. In this series of four blogposts we’ll delve deeper into these datadriven solutions. 


29 nov

The Mi8 Marketing Cloud solves four problems at once. In a four part blog series we’ll dive deeper in each of these four problems. This is the second episode: how Mi8 will give you back the time you used to spend at audience segmentation, analysing data and marketing. 

Tens of thousands of euro’s you’ve invested. The marketing department assured you that this campaign won’t fail. The department had carefully made a segmentation of the target group based on extensive market research, filled in with information about visitors numbers, populair search engine queries and other relevant data the last campaign gave you. A lot of time has gone in the choosing of the campaigncontent for your target groups and in the choice of right channels on which to spread the content.

29 nov

The Mi8 Marketing Cloud solves four problems at once. In a blogseries of four episodes we’ll dive deeper into each one of these problems. In this first episode datachaos: why is it a problem that your customerdata is spread out over several different systems. And what you can do to prevent this. 

Imagine for a second that you’ve been a customer for years at an organisation, and you’ve got a problem. You call the customerservice and get to hear that the person on the other side of the phone can’t find your data in their system. It takes way longer than needed to fix the problem. And after a few weeks you get a call from that organisation with a great offer if you become a customer. You probably won’t feel very appreciated as a customer. 

21 nov

Getting investors to invest can be difficult for an independent retailer. Banks quickly see high risks, and crowdfunding-initiatives are less successful if there’s no guarantee of high returns. So think of what it could mean to your shop if you could guarantee that your investors will at least break even. Data driven marketing tools such as the Mi8 can do so. Interested in the use of Mi8 in seducing investors? Read the following, and request a businesscase here.

21 nov

Constantly making efforts to increase your customer satisfaction should always be a primary goal of every retailer, as satisfied customers pave the road to maximum growth and profit. Still there are far too many physical shops out there leaving innumerable online opportunities for enhancing customer satisfaction untouched. And at the same time there are also far too many online retailers who pay too little attention to their physical stores. Data driven marketing automation can help retailers take a lead on the competition, by fully facilitating the omnichannel customer journey of their customers.  Interested in taking this lead yourself? Contact us for more info on what Mi8 can do for you.

27 okt
Marketing automation is all about optimizing the customer journey, of which lead qualification is an essential component. Only by measuring interests it becomes possible to respond accurately and personally to the wishes and needs of your leads. Webshops that use the Mi8 Marketing Cloud get these highly qualified leads handed to them on a silver platter. Interested in how this works? Read this blogpost about Felix, and find out. You can also request a personal businesscase here: 
23 okt

Customer-loyalty is becoming more and more important, in particular to web-shop owners. But at the same time it’s increasingly difficult to maintain, simply because of the sheer amount of web-shops out there. And for those who do not want to compete on the price level, there’s only one option left: offering personal service. A mailinglist alone is not enough, and a multichannel approach can be expensive or time-consuming. But because of the data driven insights that Mi8 can offer, an effortless onmichannel-approach for building customer-loyalty lays within reach for everyone.  Calculate you investment and request a demo here 

Mi8 Marketing Automation personalized content

15 okt

Sure, every webshop needs new customers on a regular basis. But focussing your efforts purely on generating new business is a waste of time. That is because existing customers can offer you much more than new ones.

In the last three months of the year many webshop-owners diligently go after new customers. As they’re eager to reach their sales targets, they think the best option is acquiring new customers. But did you know that many times there still can be made more profit by paying more attention to existing customers?

30 sep

Good afternoon. Thanks for the opportunity to pitch Mi8 here on stage.

We offer a great solution for 80% of the enterprises, to solve the problems they face nowadays. But before I tell you about that, I want to share something else.

Worldwide I am one of the oldest startups (62 years old). For the last 30 years I’ve been an entrepreneur with all my heart. I love to build companies. It’s my way of life. And one of the best lessons I’ve learned, is to keep it simple and to listen to my intuition. And that’s the reason, I’m here today.

27 okt

Often we hear retailers sigh: “If only I’d know his (customer) budget”. The first thing one then thinks of is usually to make the best fitting offer, using the maximum budget. This is the most obvious use case when you don’t have more info about a customer. But, there are a more options.

Based on historical transactional customer data the Mi8 Marketing Cloud hands you your customer’s budget (More about this in my blog “Your Big Data Goldmine”). Underneath are a few new options of looking at this. 

23 jul

Every company has its own big data goldmine. I'm talking about transactions. Every company has historical data about its clients. This data is pure gold in terms of knowledge about your clients.

Often this data is spread out over multiple data sources. Companies have a lot of trouble converting data into useable information about clients. Often the time needed to (manually) converting data sources and levering the data into usable information is prohibitive and does not provide a continuous solution. With Mi8 the deep analytics, pattern recognition and consolidating of your data is fully automated.

27 jun

For understanding the working of Mi8 Marketing intelligence platform of zMerce we need to go back in time. About 50 years ago the local grocer visited my mother every week to check out our stock of groceries and made an inventory of what products we needed for the upcoming week.

19 mei

Since I, thanks to the Mi8, came into contact with small and large organizations, it struck me how much customer data is collected by companies and organizations in a totally random way. Often there is no other vision developed than "We can collect data with the CRM system" or: "We work with GA." Those opinions, that’s what they are, usually come from an external supplier.

12 mei

A data driven organisation is an organisation that does not act on gut feeling but on hard data. Data can take forms of customer data, transactions, processes, etc. A data driven organisation gathers usable data about customers from different sources and creates a clear picture of what the customers want.
Customer data management can not been seen as separate from marketing intelligence and automation. Read more about this at the bottom of the blog.

Here are 10 tips on how to handle your data and what tools have to be able to do:

07 mei

Marketing automation, the automation of marketingaction towards leads, prospects and customers, needs an omnichannel approach. E-mail isn’t the only channel anymore on which your target groups gather their information. You’ll need a marketing automation tool that can communicate with your target groups throughout different channels. But what tool? This blogpost goes through ten different tips that will show you the ideal tool for your SME-organisation. Want to meet the perfect tool straight away?

Maybe this blog by Cees Franke about getting a grip on customerdata with datadriven marketing is also interesting for you? 

10-tips-marketing-automation- Mi8


23 mrt


How beautiful it is if you know which product your customers and prospects are interested in and also whether they have previously purchased this product. Maybe they are interested in a variation of the product. Can you indentify the behavioural patterns of a customer? Does he buys meat or doesn't he? Does he buys organic or doesn't he? Is he susceptible to offers? In short is there a pattern to be found in the areas of interest and purchases by the customer

12 mrt

Last week together with a relationship I took a closer look at the scenario for working out an automated workflow.
What struck me was his approach in terms of segmentation. The man in question, Joost, an experienced marketeer for over more than ten years, who, every year, runs dozens of pretty successful campaigns for his  employer, a medium-sized cultural institution.
Joost divided its customers in four rough target  groups. Not very strange because its important to approach people as close as possible on their interest.
What hit me was Joost made some assumptions on a couple of generic properties of the groups.

05 mrt

Organisaties willen hun marketing effectiviteit verhogen door 1: 1 marketing. Hun data is echter verspreid over meerdere off- en online silo's en ze kunnen geen tijd en betaalbare methode vinden om bruikbare data te genereren.

MI8 Marketing heeft een gemakkelijk te implementeren, betaalbare manier om meerdere on- en offline datasets te combineren, analyseren en te verbeteren om succesvolle 1: 1 marketing te realiseren. 

De Mi8 Marketing Cloud is ontwikkeld voor de toekomst en is voorbereid op de Europese Verordening General Data Protection Regulation mei 2018. 

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