René Bruijne about TransFollows succes with Mi8

René Bruijne, general manager TransFollow International: “The Mi8 platform provides us with innovative datadriven marketingautomation and that’s similar to the way the TransFollow platform serves the logistic supply chain. This datadriven marriage has been very succesfull last year and helped us growing our business.”

René Bruijne: ‘We encountered the problem of having our customerdata spread across ± 28 datacollections, o.a. within our ERP system, ordering system, multiple webshops and mailing systems, while we were aiming to launch the digital TransFollow bill of lading on the Company-CarRai of this year’s October. This made us lose part of our marketingaccuracy. Mi8 Marketing Cloud connected all of our relevant datasystems for us. All data now comes together within unique customerprofiles on personal- and company-level. This saves us incredible amounts of time, that we’d otherwise be spending on manually collecting and analyzing customerdata. The Mi8 provides us with razor sharp insights in our prospects’ and customers’ website visitation, transactions, interests and purchasing-patterns. This way we get to know our customers a lot better, and it allows us to effectively communicate with them on the level of their personal interests.

‘For TransFollow the Mi8 Marketing Cloud is the market’s very best option comparing innovation, functionality and costs, and enables us to collect data, analyze data, predict behavior, and automate communication.’

René Bruijne is managing director at TransFollow.

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